Olivia Somerlyn – Parachute Lyrics

I’m so turned around
Don’t know which was is up or down
Round and round
I just can’t figure out which way to go1
‘Cause I keep going back and forth2
You got my head and my heart at war3
The highest highs
The lowest lows4
You lift me up
Then let me go
I’ve had enough5

I’m gonna jump
Before you push me6
Oh Free falling
Oh You’re the parachute
Oh I’d rather crash than reach for you7
Gravity keeps on pulling and pulling you back to me
I can’t help wanting more of the way it feels8
‘Cause when it’s good it’s so good
But you’re always changing the view9
The highest highs
the lowest lows
You lift me up
Then let me go
But I’m not afraid to fall10


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