Over The Water To Charlie lyrics

UNKNOWN Over The Water To Charlie Lyrics

It`s over the water, it`s over the sea
It`s over the water tae Charlie
Come weal, come woe, we`ll gather and go
To live or die wi Charlie

Come boat me over, come ferry me o`er
Come boat me over tae Charlie
Hear the call once but never again
To carry me over tae Charlie

O once I had sons, but now I`ve got nane
I treated them all sae sarely
But I would bear them all again
To live and die for Charlie

I swear by moon and stars sae bright
Sun that shines sae dearly
If I had twenty thousand lives
I`d live them all for Charlie

Come boat me o`er, come now or never
Come boat me o`er tae Charlie
I`ll gie John Ross another bawbee
To ferry me o`er tae Charlie

It`s well I lo`e me Charlie`s name
Tho some there be abhor him
But O tae see Auld Nick gaun hame
And Charlie`s face afore him

sung on Golden Ring
I don`t know where the last two verses are from
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