P. Reign – I Want You Back Lyrics

[Verse 1: P. Reign]

Deep breath while I’m thinking about my ex, I’ve been stressed
Thought you deserve to clear my chest, let me vent
Took me losing you from me to find myself, no regrets
Hit your line you hit decline
I get the message, you’re upset
And you friends can’t even pay for paperview, not a set
But would pay to see us fight man the life the main event
They ain’t starts nah, they ain’t painting they ain’t ?
Nedda cut them from your team, don’t deserve to play the bench
Man my life’s a mess you told me you love me
But when you’re young and got money it’s hard to stick to one woman
This ain’t excuses, apologize more than a million times
This is just my explanation for all the night that you sit and cry
I know you do, don’t say you don’t
I need you back, don’t say you gone
Called me a king so I when and got that tat on my neck
Still check my phone every hour praying your call or your text


You say you’re gone and never looking back
I say I’m on now, oh look at that
It’s been too long now, I want you back
I want you, I want you
I want you back, I need you back
I want you, I want you
I want you back, I need you back

[Verse 2: P. Reign]

Still get them butterflies, not lie


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