P. Reign – STFU Lyrics

Came from the way, every day is winter time
Where any moment is dinner time
My life is like a pick-up line
And that pretty bitch is the finish line
All we ever wanted was nice things
You know the ones way out your price range
Got on the record and said the right things
The sat back and watched my life change
The hoes never want you until you blow up
Not the same chicks that would diss that’d come over
Well how nice of you to show up
Throw some fertiliser at the bitch and tell her grow up
Destroy your rivals, body your idols
Spinning vinyls when niggas search for your vitals
No chance of revival, do it all for survival
And watch niggas that hated on you start feeling entitled
I inspire, you’re expired
Show me the money and [?]
Wearing Jordan jerseys to court, hand on the Bible
Even bullshit charges me proper attire
Reign [?], young, rich and lawless
Soon as my lawyer slam the case, I switch in the carter
Four and six shit, we on some sick shit
This ain’t for Caitlyn Jenner, this ain’t no bitch shit
This that stick talk, this that stick shift and play in your whip shit
Time to get rich shit
That get rich cause unrealistic
I’m with the misfits, grew up on fish sticks
We miss Christmas and learn business
So dope, robbed and [?]
One of my day one switched cliques
Fuck ’em, never need son, he’s eclipse
Same old niggas, we used to trap together
I met Will Smith then got my act together
I prove myself before I lose myself
If you were worth the bullet, I would tell you shoot yourself
Played my new shit off the tape and had the party lit
Then Ye’ shook my hand in the club and told me I bodied it
I was frozen like the Disney flick
Feeling like the king of my city, been on some Biggie shit
Got a wave and just counting down on my lift off
Riding through Atlanta with Chubby Chub and the 6 god
Funny, never thought I would say those words
Now I’m here to collect what I deserve
If you ain’t part of La Familia, this table’s reserved
Y’all boys got some nerve
Our dinners look like the [?] when you observe
Susan Bentley Horderves
Try and fail but never fail to try, truest words
No less than paid, be very afraid
For your sake, I hope when you see us, you’re well behaved
Twin desert eagles, got ’em both engraved
I guess I still ain’t learned from my mistakes
‘Bout to go super saiyan, I’m sayin’ I’m done with playin’
[?], we’ll scrape your plate and then tip the waiter
It’s the reps, fuck next, we need it now or later
Then doing favours, we prepared for anything but failure


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