Papik – Just Another Interlude Lyrics

I ain’t got the time like that
Got a whole lot on my plate
Things i need to do and you needing me
To sacrifice it

Just for you, for you, for you
Not just another interlude! (X2)

Glad that you made it we needed a moment
They said you’s a poison well baby see frankly I’m okay with overdosin’
Cause you got it you do, all of the gossip is drama to you
Too many exes preferred it, that’s when they turn to a burden Never was that there the case with you
I’m tryna roll out this place with you
Maybe try out faster pace with you
Hopin’ that this ain’t a phase with you (hope not)
We both know what be thinkin’
All of these years I been thinkin’
That you need a song just for you
Girl this is your interlude

Just for you, for you, for you
For you, for you
Interlude interlude interlude for you



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