Party Right lyrics

ERICK SERMON Party Right Lyrics
[Erick Sermon]

Yo, I`m E-Dub the invincible

bandit, rock house on principle

Y`know?I`m the man and Def Squad`s the fam

Some say I`m that "Boy" like Killa Cam

The on-the-grind pilot`s, flyin again

Usin my name you a passenger, so keep silent

E`s what you`re listenin to!Def Squad

The crew of 2002!Brand new year

The Funk Lord is here, the rap George Clinton

The Barry Bonds of hip-hop, I stay hittin

Ah ahh, yup my name ring bells like M.O.

No gimmicks, I been this way since my demo

Never liked the limo, I ride trucks and vans

I`d ride in horseback, if I had to see my fans

Yeah - I come through, in a mackadocious whip

A brand new Benz with a mackadocious kit

[Chorus 2X: Redman]

I heard the party`s goin on in there

Well let me shake my stankin ass in there

I heard the party`s goin on in there

Well let me shake my stankin ass in there

[Erick Sermon]

Uhh, uhh, I never lose momentum

I keep it jumpin `til the cops come and get them

Best believe I breeze through like wind, comin through a window

Me and the Squad of Def, a few kinfolks

Twelve P.M. just left the car place

Now I`m, back on the block and pumpin the Scarface

Yeah, I`m E-Dub, I`m doper than you

Spit rhymes, throw `em at you, new truck show it at you

Stay dipped right down to my feet - yeah

My underground tore `em down by the street

It`s me, the MC, the E - D.

O. U. B. L. E., age be thirty-three, uhh

I "Get Down" boy, like Craig Mack

Stampede like a elephant, I`m heaven sent

The E-R-I-C-K, S-E-R-M-O-N

There`s a party goin on, tell a friend


[Erick Sermon]

It was me, Keith, Red and Khari

Actin crazy, pumpin some Jay-Z

J to the Izzo, oh no, my flow

is unbelievable, in the game I`m a pro so

For those cats wanna set me up

and wet me up, I`m on the block, check me up

The MC Grand Royal on the microphone know what`s good

There`s a party goin on, buckle (?)


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