PARTYNEXTDOOR – Fuck Wit Me / PG Lyrics

[Part 1: Fuck Wit Me]

[Verse 1]
It’s been months, it’s been too long, long
Baby, too long
Fuck what you’re doing now, quit doing that right now, baby I
Got better things for you to do, got better things for you to see
Got a better place for you to live, and a better place for you and me, oh baby I’m honest
Please get a [?] when I’m on it
Running through the city and you that I’m on it
Every city [?] remedy

Baby, would you fuck with me? Fuck with me, fuck with me
Baby, would you fuck with me? Fuck with me, fuck with me
Fuck with me, when you and I baby, I come

[Verse 2]
Sorry I didn’t get on your [?]
History ain’t amending no
You’re on your way home from somewhere that’s poppin’
I know you’ve been dropping
It’s harder than I [?] to that same song, it go
“ah naw, naw, bands will make her dance, bands will make her dance”
I was so [?], baby aaah
Tell me if I lie, I know that [?] don’t lie
You can go and make her right, [?] don’t make no right
Fuck that baby girl, three rooms for me, no right
Four rooms will make no song
Five rooms gonna make it long
Six gonna make too long
Seven gonna make it right, ohhh

Fuck with me, fuck with me
Do you fuck with me? Ohhh
Baby, do you fuck with me?
Ohhh, ohhh, baby, baby, baby, do you fuck with me?
Huhhh, huuuh, yea, yea
Yea, ye

[Conversation: Girl & PARTYNEXTDOOR]
I care of Jahron
No one cares for PARTYNEXTDOOR
Turn you phone off and into Jahron
And let me in
No one asked you, please

[Part 2: PG]

[Verse 3]
Now I’m on flexin’, dealing with possesion
Young nigga, young nigga fall in love real quick
Lost that love real quick, mama made me deal with it
Models over 21, plenty bitches, plenty summers
Told you I got plenty summers, mama still tripping out
Buy my mom a bigger house, couldn’t be a nigger house, damn
Looking for a real bitch, looking for real one
Probably gon’ steal one, oh
Riding with the go getters, riding with intentions
We don’t want intentions, seems there is more money
Then you know there is more protection
Got a little bad bitch on my arm
Cause it’s never bad for my reflection
You know I need that good weed, good sex, good neck, et cetera
Hoes leave, hoes call andhoes trifling, God bless it
Bad bitches sitting and they mix sound good
Make it sound good
Snakes was in the garden and it’s not our good
Cause the time’s good
I ain’t gotta preach to ya’, nothing like a leech nigga
I ain’t got a leash to ya’
Old moon proud of it, sitting on the cloud of it
Probably need to sell it like Clicquot
My ego is bigger than your ego, get rich off this, dirty Contradicting nigga couldn’t piss this shit
My bitch 5’5″ weighs 3.3
Only white rice, raw fish, seaweed
Sushi in the Ritz but she Swiss though
Cause you they like their chocolate with a kiss though
Can’t believe she out here calling Wi-fi, “Vi-fi”
But her mama got an ass, she a peace treaty
Only now how to move fast, she a [?]
And you’ll never get a fast one, I’m too deep
Probably low PG, nigga!

Huh, yea, yea, yea, yea
Probably low PG, nigga!
I don’t know [?]
I don’t know [?]


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