ERICK SERMON Payback Ii Lyrics
featuring Joe Sinistr

[E Double]
Word em up

[Joe Sinistr]
Word em up ha ha
Got the E Double right there

[E Double]
JMJ combined with Grand.. Royal..
Nineteen ninety three ninety four
Word em up

[Joe Sinistr]
Here we go Joe Sinistr representin from the joint

Verse One: Erick Sermon

Yo yo I pause for the cause
I seen niggaz heads busted someone pass the gauze
This rhyme may affect the skull to a point
and crash the membrane, so you should spark a joint
*inhale* There I go and now it`s Showtime without
KiKi Shepherd, now the bitch feels neglected
Check the memo, remember you listened to my demo;
Yeah the one about the fuckin limo?
Rewind because I`m pushed for time right now
What where when how, my sound`s out there like Moscow
I hear nuttin but the music, raw fusion
No mass confusion or illusion
Blink blink, blink so what you sayin? I`m not playin
Hey man, yo I caught you playin
So don`t be conspicous, cause you can`t get with this
hardcore scientifical, far from typical
My rap style, is dy-no-mite
It make you wanna be like the E Double, and not like Mike
Yo, bust my acoustics, SWING!
Deranged, when I rock the mic I feel strange
Now back to our program, fuck Batman, bang bang
Sound from the gat-man
Let me quit it, cause I feel I have shitted
and got mad niggaz widdit
Joe Sinistr follows
So y`all get my dick, until tomorrow

Chorus: Joe Sinistr

It`s the second payback, payback part II
Yeah, it`s the second payback, the payback part II
Uh-huh, yeah -- it`s the second payback, the payback part II
Uh-huh, yeah -- it`s the second payback, payback part II
It`s part II, uhh

Verse Two: Joe Sinistr

And while niggaz still arrested virgins, I rips it ill
as Erick Sermon`s, we`s the ones usin the method slurrin
So Joe Sinistr came through the armed recruit to blank crews
My six will fix another one greedy
FOREAL, let`s peel they hats back for deal slow
And we`ll catch clown, with they pants down REAL LOW
The screwball better work a RuPaul and switch fast
or we`ll be in the cornfield, killin your bitch ass
And Timb`s roam through bad bad odor but it is home
Wild flex and more sex than Mad Cobra
So take it easy ?just to mash a kraut? mine`s the cheesiest
And I`m sworn to keep their eyes on more than CBS
I make the Funk Doobie turn to a process
I mob just any nigga, I don`t care who he
I still get doughs, takin off bitches Girbauds
and lamp with Erick, a champ merit cause I flip foes
See these screws loose, I repeat, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice
But stop there goes the third time with the cock-a-roach
And I get more flows than Vic Tayback
So kids, here come the second big payback

Chorus 1/2

Verse Three: Erick Sermon, Joe Sinistr

*tire squeeling sound* I return burnin rubber
The black African brother, low key so call me undercover
The funkster from the boonies
I love Muhammad Ali, so FUCK Gerry Cooney
Oops, can`t forget, under a roof from One Nation
*rrraow* Crowd participation
Shit, I`m so upset, I feel like snappin niggaz neck
but I`ma chill and let Joe get wreck

My secret recipe put Pepsi on Diet`s, uh-huh
The funk dog as I come low to piss on hydrants
and howl at half moons and White Owls and mad tunes
Live quite fowl, leavin Lifestyles in bitches bathrooms
I crack granite, and pack a mass transit it`s so weird
My style is more Fear-ed than Black Planets
And I fuck your shit, suck my dick for explicit
I let clips at your name, pay rent in your brain
And I gets wicked, wick-wick-wicked
And keeps a full clip in case the bullets get evicted
And now to twirl up the fat nigga, seek psychiatric
I devour worlds and Galactus
I gets mean troop, grabbin Christine around the block
at sixteen, spittin the green pea soup
And cock nines, when niggaz got slime, the only men
puffin Nick Nick Nick`s- with -elodeon
It`s Joe no diss cause the funk mist flow
Make a mess like Aunt Tess when she leaped off the sixth flo`
So straighten it out if your knock-kneed
`fore they draw chalk around the body

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