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MERI WILSON Peter The Meter Reader Lyrics
Meri Wilson
(Dr. Demento 25th anniversary tape)
Note: this is a follow-up to TELEPHONE MAN

Here we go again
I was lying on my back porch just a-getting some sun
Had my hair done up in pigtails had my swiming suit on
I was just about asleep when there came a shadow over me
I opened up my eyes to peek and what did I see-ee
There was a man what a man looking down on me
Tall dark and handsome, six foot three
There was a look in his eyes that was telling me
He knew that there was something that he wanted to see
He said `Hi my name is Peter
And I`m here to read your meter
I`d like to see your kilowatts
Could you take me to your box`
I didn`t have the slightest notion where that box could be
But I said to Peter won`t you follow me
We went upstairs downstairs inside and out
I just loved having Peter follow me about
He said `Hey what`s with you fox
Can`t you take me to your box
I came here to see your meter
They call me Peter the meter reader`
By the time he found my meter it was a quarter past four
And he said to watch my heater as he was walking through my door
Every single kilowatt was a-looking just fine
And he`d be coming back to see them in another month`s ti-i-ime
So now I`m waiting yes I`m waiting so patiently
To have my sweet sweet Peter read my meter for me
Maybe I should tell you so you`ll understand
That Peter used to be my telephone man
Singing hey-laddy-laddy hey-laddy-laddy hey-laddy-laddy
Get it any way you can
I`ve never done anything like this before...well... or Tom Mazanec to humans

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