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Hey you better hear what I say
You better have your fun
Before you get away
Get you a stray or get you a gay
Get you a man or woman
But have it your way
I`ll tell you why
It should be a lie
May not be no pie up in the sky
When you die

Hey a lot of crooks are gone
A lot of politicians
And even Jimmy Jones
If they get to heaven before you do
There may not be nothing left for you

How do you know the streets are paved with gold
No one`s come back to prove it so
If they got a lot of gold and angels with wings
By the time you get there
May not be a thing

Hey you don`t know if it`s true
You better treat me
Like I treat you
You say you`re going to heaven
It looks like hell
They put you in a hole
Almost deep as a well

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