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MARTIN NIEVERA Promise Of Love Lyrics
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I kneel beside you here today
I kneel beside you and I pray
That it`s you, it`s only you
Who will share my tomorrows and yesterdays

I searched a lifetime and found you
A bridge to forever I share with you
Open your heart and let me in
As I give you this promise of love...

I heard an angel say your name
Now I know my world`s not the same
A little heaven is what you are
As we dream a thousand dreams not so far

And with the blessings from our Lord above
His light will guide us with a love
For you and me forevermore
As I give you this promise of love...

Now that I have you for my own
As God is our witness never let me go
Feel the love grow as we become one
One hand, one heart we are one soul...

I stand before you just a man
I need your help to understand
What is love without you
As I promise you this day and forever

This promise of love...

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