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Dear, I thought I`d drop a line.
The weather`s cool. The folks are fine.
I`m in bed each night at nine.
P.S. I love you.

Yesterday we had some rain,
but all in all I can`t complain.
Was it dusty on the train?
P.S. I love you.

Write to the Browns just as soon as you`re able.
They came around to call.
I burned a hole in the dining room table.
And let me see, I guess that`s all.

Nothin` else for me to say,
and so I`ll close. Oh, by the way,
everybody`s thinkin` of you.
P.S. I love you.

I do my best to obey all your wishes.
I put a sign up. Think
now I got to buy us a new set of dishes,
or wash the ones that have piled in the sink.

Nothing else to tell you, dear.
Except, each day feels like a year.
Every night I`m dreamin` of you.
P.S. I love you.
P.S. I love you.

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