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SELENA Que Creias English Translation Lyrics
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What Did You Think?

Please remember! This translation is my personal work. It is sometimes difficult to translate word for word from Spanish to English, so it may sound awkward in one languange when it is perfectly natural in the other. But I think you can get the general idea!
What did you think, that I was going to forgive you?
That I would forget the way you hurt me?
But I already learned to live without you
I don`t need you anymore here
So you can just go
What did you think, that you would return
and you would find me happy to take you back?
But no, now you see, that`s it`s not like that
I don`t want to have anything to do with you
So you can just go

You, what did you think? What did you think?
That you would find yourself another love better than mine
that would make you happier?
But now you see, it`s not that simple
You, what did you think? What did you think?
That like me there were many?
That my love was a gift
Well now you see that you`re wrong

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