Racist School lyrics

DBS Racist School Lyrics
I am so sick of it
this world is full of fucking biggots
my teachers don`t give a shit
that their students are all predjudice
some won`t admit it
some are fucking proud of it
someone should teach them a lesson
that you don`t judge someone by the color of their skin
we all have different origins
we aren`t all canadian
if this country belongs to anyone
it is the native men and women
being pushed on to reserves
the government`s got quite the nerve
they think this land belongs to them
it is the only answer assasination
i go to a racist school
we talk about democracy
they claim there is freedom of speech
if you think that this is true
you won`t be offended if i say fuck you
to my racist teachers
to the homophobic preachers
we all have a heart we all have a brain
why are we not treated the same
i go to a racist school

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