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Held in hands, a warm cup
Of skin always taken in by peers
And friends and the heightened fears
Over the years
Now I know I`m not like everyone

In this head I see the ground
You came from, unknown, undug
From where you were staying in
A backyard bed until
We came together

Raspberry, in my hand
You feel alright but I don`t
Know if I am
I can`t change
What I am right now, but
I`ll be fine in the next life

I know I can say, I`m honest
With myself and with
My red tasty gem
And sure they will try, but
They can`t take away
My secret loving friend

And on a good day, my mind
Is like the country...green wide open
A breath of zen that`s nice
On the eyes, lonely, without a prayer

Take the trip that I have
I am at risk
But I guess you know...

From the goldfish bowl
Of blue girls crying stars
The more the garden sings
The harder it gets to stay in
There are a lot of choices
So many voices ruling me
So many of them at once
Yelling, `Everything`s a mess`... I know

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