Redman – Undeniable Lyrics


[Verse 1: Redman]
Yo, I’m undeniable, I be you niggas hatin’
I got your home girl here so I’m renevating
My pen game get it on, I’m penetrating
And hoes come in all colors, I’m fingerpainting
I’m sick of makin’ Lincolns, I wanna make a mil
I’m 360 but not your label deal
I get all my bread, I ain’t splittin’ a dime
I’m too tight like [?]
I ain’t crippin [?]
[?] the jungle, gettin’ that crack gator
You irrelevant bater, YellowHouse the hardest
The vampires of the game, start wearing your garlic
I ain’t a alcoholic but say damn
He took it back to the afro and the Ray Bans
It’s YellowHouse we breaking all the rules
And everything we drop is undeniable

[Verse 2: Runt Dog]
I’m too grown to bullshit with you broke ass niggas
Half on a nickle bag, I smoke ass niggas
Forty years old on the block still hustling
Head need Rogaine, bed need [?]
Bitch niggas full of estrogen
Dog I’m a boss but I still work hard as a Mexican
Grimey as hell, slimey it smells
Check my rap sheet, I spent most the 90s in jail
Off pills, I feel like George the animals still bananas
With the [?] get your cantaloupe peeled
For the cake I push pies, my block the bakery
Boy I put you to work like a [?] agency
Plus the rhymes you be writing is wack
I know white chicks that write shit tighter than that
We robbing you for the [?]
This the [?] grind, undeniable

[Verse 3: Ready Roc]
Look, let me list a few reasons they call me beast
Cause anytime I see rappers, I think of a feast
And I ain’t talking chicken shack, I’m thinking [?]
So anytime you think of Red, you think of the East Coast
No disrespect, I’ma rep for mine
And I ain’t saying I’m the best but I’m the next in line
That’s why my nickname ready cause [?[ for time
Nigga lock it down is on the dotted line
When I rhyme, it’s sort of like a violent crime
So if you get caught with my verse, you do a 3 to 9
[?] to ass whippin’, I’m passed different
I play the front like the lead vocals you ad-libbin’
See I’m a giant who, more than liable
To bring the riot through and turn all beef into lion food
Now what I gotta prove, I passed all obstacles
So when it comes down to my talent, it’s undeniable



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