Remy Banks – 7th Heaven Lyrics

Knock knock open up
Yo there’s too much fog I can’t see much
I’m puffing on a joint that I rolled for this clutch situation1
In LES thoughts racing, shit I’m paranoid2
Thinking worst case scenarios
I’m trying to avoid one of my old flings3
Cause I’m with my new thing4
She asked “what’s wrong?”
I said my mind’s stressed
And I’m tired of living headless5
She understood, hailed a cab
She sucked me all the way until we hit our humble abode6
No service on my cellular phone
Cause of the wing of the building we on
Shady loft out in Tribeca7
Hit it in three positions, call that a trifecta8
Rolled over to roll over another one9
The light getting higher than the damn stratosphere for fun10
Asthmatic nigga but I still got some iron lungs11
Shorty said she want to know
What it was like to grow up in the borough
Where all the kings kept it thorough12
I told her light this here
We used to hop on the E
Jamaica bound, last stop
Hit (?) copped a fitted13
Dip out to the collie block
Coliseum bottom floor, Benny that’s my jeweler
Cash out on the chain, not a fan of Frank Mula
Bathing Ape killer, my whole squad keep it realer
Niggas can’t see it dog, out here wilding14
(Niggas wilding)


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