Rico Love – Somebody Else Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rico Love]
It feels a way I can’t explain1 so hold me babe
I know you can’t stay too long2
And every melody has a way of reminding me of one of your favorite songs3

[Pre Hook: Rico Love]
And I know we can’t turn back time
I know we can’t right those wrongs4
But at least inside my mind (at least inside my mind, oh yeah)5
It doesn’t seem like you’re gone6

[Hook: Rico Love]
Even though I know you’re too busy, lovin’ somebody else
And you’re a million miles past gone7
I wish my bed was warm,8 but you lovin’ somebody else9
You can hear my heart saying (ooh ooh), saying (ooh ooh), saying (ooh ooh)
Are you lovin’ somebody else?10
You can hear my heart say (ooh ooh), say (ooh ooh), say (ooh ooh)
Cause you lovin’ somebody else? (Somebody else)
Remix Remix Remix

[Verse 2: Usher]
Ohh, I’m really hoping she finds somebody else
And it won’t get better til you try somebody else11
She be all in to the drama, but I just want us to close
She all about the commotion, I swear she gotta heart of stone12

[Pre Hook: Usher]
Can’t turn back time (can’t turn back time no no)
I know we can’t right those wrongs
But at least inside her mind (Damn)
It’s like I’m the only one (you keep sayin)

Even though I know you’re too busy, yeah
Lovin’ somebody else, lovin’ somebody else
We’re a million miles past done, but I’ll always be the only one
I bet you she be lovin’ somebody else
You can hear my heart saying (ooh ooh), saying (ooh ooh), saying (ooh ooh)
Are you lovin’ somebody else?

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
Uhh.. Thought I had it, all the magic
I couldn’t imagine it, then it all went tragic13
Automatically I’m the bad one14
I was only doing us, gave you everything
A kid, a house, and a wedding ring15
And now you talk about you can do better things
How did we get this way?16
How do you entertain that bullshit
Why you even care what Instagram got to say
Now when you see me, we don’t act the same
Smiling on TV, tryna hide the pain17
An empty seat where you used to be with me on the plane
An empty hole in my heart, will I ever love again18
You had your way in you know it
Ain’t thinking forward, you still in the past
Ain’t gon lie I spent sometime thinking, if we coulda lasted19
Screaming fuck the world, I know what’s behind them glasses
Rolling up another joint, thinking bout the last20
Cause being alone ain’t what you wanna be
And me with a girl ain’t what you wanna see
And truthfully it ain’t you, its me21



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