Right Here Next To Me lyrics

BLAQUE Right Here Next To Me Lyrics
whats up baby? its me and...
my plane leave for kenya in the morning
i wanted to see before i left,
but you`re not home
well this is finally my big break, wish me luck
and um i want you to know
that no matter where i am or what im doing
ill always love you...bye bye!

good bye, its time for me to go
ill call you in the morning, so i can let you know
the way you really feel boy, put your mind at ease
i dont think i will, if i make it ill still want you to be here with me

ill be there one day and you will be right next to me
ill be there one day and you will be right next to me
right here next to me

i wonder will you be where i am? baby
will you be by my side boy?
or with another girl?
just wait a little longer, boy i dont know how long
just try to understand, this is not what i planned
im so sorry this had to be

repeat 2

boy oh boy for every man theres a woman
every man needs a woman
it`s your lovin that i choose and i cant afford to lose you baby
thats why i swear, i swear to the world
ill always be your girl just say you`ll be...
right next to me

repeat 2 until fade

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