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Lorne Greene

He lay face down in the desert sand
Clutching his six-gun in his hand
Shot from behind, I thought he was dead
But under his heart was an ounce of lead
But a spark still burned so I used my knife
And late that night I saved the life of Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . .)

I nursed him till the danger passed
The days went by, he mended fast
Then from dawn till setting sun
He practiced with that deadly gun
And hour on hour I watched in awe
No human being could match the draw of Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )

One day we rode the mountain crest
And I went east and he went west
I took to law and wore a star
While he spread terror near and far
With lead and blood he gained such fame
All throught the West they feared the name of Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )

I knew someday I`d face the test
Which one of us would be the best
And sure enough the word came down
That he was holed up in the town
I left the posse out in the street
And I went in alone to meet Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )

They said my speed was next to none
But my lightning draw had just begun
When I heard a blast that stung my wrist
The gun went flying from my fist
And I was looking down the bore
Of the deadly .44 of Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )

They say that was the only time
That anyone had seen him smile
He slowly lowered his gun and then
He said to me `We`re even, friend`
And so at last I understood
That there was still a spark of good in Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )

I blocked the path of his retreat
He turned and stepped into the street
A dozen guns spit fire and lead
A moment later, he lay dead
The town began to shout and cheer
Nowhere was there shed a tear for Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )

The story spread throughout the land
That I had beaten Ringo`s hand
And it was just the years, they say
That made me put my guns away
But on his grave they can`t explain
The tarnished star above the name of Ringo

(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )
(Ringo . . . Ringo . . . )

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