River Oaks – Let You Down Lyrics

I took a breath, I took my time, a sip of gin a lullaby
A sudden feeling it wasn’t in me anymore
I looked at you, you looked at me, a knowing smile said “It’s just me”
I took a drink and walked right in through the door

I let you down
It’s the last I’ll ever dream of you tonight
I’ll be in your bedroom without you by my side
And I’m here forever with your face on my mind

A second to think, an hour to die, I’ll slit my throat again with knives
This spineless feeling will last forever in my mind
I’m hating you and I’m hating me, I’m hating everything I see
I’m running backwards if I could get to my feet

And now, I feel so insecure
I feel like everybody’s out to get me
Even you, you’re out to get me, so I freeze
I feel so insecure
I know that everybody’s out to get me
The whole world is out to get me
I hide it away

Nothing feels good
Your record’s on the shelf
It’s playing in my head, and it reminds me of myself

I can’t explain
I know I can to you
I’ll make sense to you, but it makes no sense to me
I can’t refrain
I know I can’t for you, I’ll make love to you but it’ll never be the same


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