Rocko – I’m High Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Now I know why they call it high school
It’s always at school high, high
You get low grade, I get high grade
Higher learning equal higher earning
Wonder how high can I get ( I get)
Wonder how high can I go (can I go)
They love me so down to earth
My price high but I love the work
Let they come see
I been how it feel
Put some j’s put on and high heels
Tell her aim high (aim high)
I came high (I came high)
They say how high can you be
Whip game agree on the heat
They can’t stay high in a room
Fuck round get high off them fumes
Always stay high as can be
Being down ain’t for me, (no)
I remember getting by
Till my brother get high
Till my colour get high
Till my weeds on my block
Tryna be high as I can
They like what’s higher than torch, nothing

Shit, on high
Oh no, they on high
Yeah, on high
You low
On high…high
On high
High, I get high
On high
On high

[Verse 2:]
You stay coughing dork high
Catch the train up in high towers
You rocking the high rise
You left, I rock the high talk
With the high like the boss
And my hot talk that I talk
Running up and down the highways
Now we on the hot charts (top 5)
Talking sky high
On top of that high rise
Use to call me a low life
And they wish they live my life
What you know about that high life
That high ain’t buy
You buy that high
Hold this and roll this spliff
That bit will broke our fist
That shit high (that shit high)
Now we high (we high)
Huh…Cooper ain’t got no ceiling
I can see the sky (I see the sky)
From the hood straight to the club port
I love being high


[Verse 3:]
Very highly anticipated
Been waiting for it, probably underrated (yup yup)
Highly overhated
For no need, no why
Still hold my chest high
Still hold my head high
That sucker shit don’t blow my hype
Chasing after high, got a natural high
G5 in the sky
Playboy, I do the penthouse
Yeah bitch I’m up high
I don’t look down, I look high
Eyes..wide shut
Looking high as fuck
Why, you look so dumb
You should be happy I’m high
Bring nigger insecure self stay in low
They ego tripping got pride
Nigger want to put in words, they too tired
Use excuses like I’m too high
My music help them get high, no lie
Every Time they see me like rocko give us more fire
Scared high



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