Rocko – Sexercise Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Uh, she say I’m handsome, got sexy eyes (sexy eyes)
I say you pretty, you got a sexy size (me gusta)
We went to eat, I order extra rice
She say she watching her carbs, she like to exercise
I said alright, that’s cool you got balance, you on a diet (diet)
You work out that’s cool I wanna try
Up down, down up doing push ups
Then I turn around, sit up crunching
Jab [x4]
Punch it (beat it)
Beat it (beat it)
Defeat it
She tapped out, say she can’t feel her thighs
We both drenched wet in sweat, sexercise

Sexercise (uh) [x2]
Sexercise (workout) [x2]
Come on, let’s exercise (yo)
Sexercise (uh)
Sexercise (yeah)
She like to sexercise, sexercise (one two)€
I like to sxercise, sexercise (push up)
Sexercise (yeah)
Sexercise (sit up)
Sexercise (uh)
Sexercise (got her running)

[Verse 2:]
Uh, when she do her lounges I just watch (I just watch)
But I participate every time she do her squats (yeah)
I’m in love with her gluts (with her gluts)
Slow poke… I’m in love with her booty (ooh)
Then we get down on our course mat braces
Oh my God, cardio, can’t feel my heart beat beat beat
The I pick her up, hold her
Then she pull up on me, yeah working on her shoulders
Nah it ain’t over
What you thinking (what you thinking)
We on the floor now
Yeah we planking (yeah we planking)
Dip that lower back (that back)
Hit that middle back (work that back)
Work it out, work on our last then relax (uh)



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