Rocko – String Puller Lyrics

Pull strings, I pull strings [x2]
I pull strings [x2]
Pull strings, that boy pull strings (ay, yeah)
Pull strings, I pull strings (uh)
Pull strings, I pull strings (yeah)
Pull strings, I pull strings [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Uh, when I was a kid I played the harp (I played the harp)
But the past is the past (the past), never harp (never harp)
Stand on cash, five AM grey carp (grey carp)
Club closed two hours ago (yeah he pull strings)
You-You was home with mommy eating jello
I was on my own playing with that cello (What else?)
And that violin, just in case it gets violent (oh)
Grew up playing that bass
Know a n**** had to rock and roll
I hit till two with that metallica
Heavy metal, that’s all I know (whoa)
Whoa, drop the beat
Let the strings play (strings)
You know me, I play the streets, I let the strings play(strings)
Orchestrate with a baton, ‘case I gotta get hands on (what)
Move silent, acoustic guitar in the trunk (oh)


[Verse 2:]
(Where you at?) Sierra Leone, shopping for a storm (oh)
You know me I’m the don (don)
I get what I want
You know what I want (nope)
I want the one
You name ‘em, they on my network (anything you name)
Your baby in my car, show me her network
Broadcasting on your favourite network
So much cash, I don’t know my networth
Say Rocko a key player, all I wanna do is pull strings
Maria, maria I pass on to him, quarterback
By losing it, I pull up your game
Just send me your quarter back
Playing avenger, when on the call on my porch
Still in the game, just not in the field
I jet coach (I jet coach)
Umpire, I call the shots
I don’t keep score (no)
More stress on the referee though, you already know (what)



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