RIVERMAYA Rodeo Lyrics
Rhinestone kid on a freeway star
An `87 pickup and a red guitar
Playin` like an angel with a broken wing
A song of true love for his girl Darlene

They haven`t seen each other for a year or so
Man, he misses her like we all miss that TV show
Where he first performed that love song `bout a year ago
Well, if ya haven`t heard it yet then this is how it goes...

Like the buffalos do it by the wishing well
`Cause they haven`t got no money for a cheap motel
What sweeter thing could happen to a boy an` a girl?
We gotta do it like mechanical rabbits from hell, yeah

It was the sweetest song playin` on the radio
From the edge of Alabama down to Mexico
It was a number one hit but Darlene didn`t know
Whom her fav`rite song was fo`

But everytime she hears it, her heart, like a gong
Would tremble for the man for whom she longs
...For whom she longs...
And `en she starts to sing along...

We gotta do it for a reason, gotta do it for fun
We gotta sparkle like tequila in the hot...hot sun, yeah!
We gotta do it like Sinatra used to do `My Way`
An` in the background there`s that Beck dude singin` Odelay

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