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Run Molly Run


Run Molly, run
Run Molly, run
Tembruck gonna beat you
Bright shinin`sun.
Bright shinin` sun, oh lordy, bright shinin` sun.

They ran the Kentucky Derby on the 24th of May,
Some bet on Tembruck, some on Molly Day.
Some on Molly Day, oh lordy, some on Molly Day.

Piper, oh Piper, you`re not runnin` right
Molly`s beatin` Tembruck way out of sight.
Way out of sight, oh lordy,way out of sight.


Piper, oh Piper, oh Piper my son
Let old Tembruck have his head,let old Tembruck run.
Let old Tembruck run, oh lordy, let old Tembruck run


Sorry folks, I don`t remember anymore any more, I don`t even remember where
I learned the damn thing. Lani Herrmann, Moe Hirsch, or Bob March would be
good bets. E.L.
Note: Original name of horse was Ten Broeck
Recorded by Bill Monroe
@race @horse
filename[ MOLLTEN

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