Sabaton – Resist And Bite Lyrics

War is coming swiftly
The border is closing in1
We’re a company of soldiers
Mere 40 rifles strong2

All alone
Stand alone
Ardenner ground is burning3
And Rommel4 is at hand
As the Blitzkrieg’s5 pushing harder
The war is all around!
All around6
Hold your ground!7
Fight for 18 days of battles
No odds are on our side8
Few will fight for all until the bullets are gone9

We will resist and bite!
Bite hard
Cause we are all in sight10
We take up arms and fight!
Fight hard!
Resist and do what’s right!11

No matter our fighting
The numbers will still count
We’re outgunned and few in numbers
We’re doomed to flag or fail12

We fought hard
Held our guard13
But when captured by the Axis
and forced to tell the truth
We will tell them with a smile
We’ll surprise them with the laugh14
We are all
We were all
We were told to hold the border15
And that is what we did
honoured by our orders
In despite of our foe16


Gloria fortis miles
The Wehrmacht’s closing in
Adversor et admorsus
The boar against the eagle17
Gloria fortis miles
The Wehrmacht closing in
Adversor et admorsus
The boar against the eagle18



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