Sermon Erick Bomdigi lyrics

ERICK SERMON Sermon Erick Bomdigi Lyrics

I`ll just sway...
This`s the way it goes down
Def Squad
Nine pound
Check this here

Verse One:

The E gets wicked no need for the biscuit
The green eyed funkdafied brother coming wicked
I sets the party off just like Tanqueray
The Funk Lord nobody else could swing this way
I put the loc to the motion drop the funk coast to coast and
I Buck like Shot cuz I know I Got Cha Opin
Check the soup, I Dogg the mic like Snoop
I get swift like H-Town, when I Knock Da Boots (daaat`s right)
I`m dynamite with this mic
I Show like Doug E. and I rock the mic lovely
The afrodesiac, bringin the do-wah-diddy
to your city, on the Zapp side with the vibe
I`m Stone Cold like Bobby and Ralph T
I come with the Game of Death, without Bruce Lee
The irregular speakin, for those MC`s who be tweakin
Catch me at the Beacon just freakin


Brothers can`t see me
Cuz my style`s the bom-digi-bom-uh-dang-a-dang-digi / repeat 2X
Brothers can`t see me

Verse Two:

It goes one for the trouble, two for the show
Aiyyo, I`m gettin airplay like The Most Beautiful
I`m the mack, I made Goldy turn chrome
When I induce my styles upon the microphone (yeah)
I goes down for y`all in broad daylight
Weeded, rockin the mic like ta-dow and psych
Today is a Green Day, so it`s blazin
to specify it, I get big-up from Jamaicans
Hey, the E-R-I-C-K gets down for the public
More doper than Janet Jackson`s stomach
Ask anybody, who`s the dopest producer?
I think of cruise, I`m never too much like I`m Luther
My style is the craziest
No crew is fadin us
You got beef with my squad you better dare that
The shit I kick make rappers say, `I shoulda snared that`


Verse Three:

Complete this puzzle, what Squad beat up like Russell Simmons
And more flyer than Robin Givens
Cosmic Slop, from the darkside
Basically, I Can`t Wait, songs from the Redman tape
(and make much sense when he`s kickin fool) cause I constantly keep shitting
and y`all constantly keep listening
Yeah, who can it be now, watch out
Flying through the air with wings E Double doing my thing


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