Shattered By Broken Dreams song lyrics

AVENGED SEVENFOLD Shattered By Broken Dreams Lyrics
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I see you fading away from us.
I`ll miss you very much.
Room with empty bottles, broken dreams,
and pride still running high, always on your side.
But I wanted more for you.
You can`t go on this way.
And now I see it all fall through.
We pray for better days.
Stuck alone and scared.
Throw your life away and now choking on your pride may be the only way.
I don`t want to see you like this.
We all tried to save you but missed.
I still feel the hope on your road.
Now come back to us like the days of the old.
I still feel you there, trying to get on top.
You`ll always have my support, in my heart.
People you`ve hurt.
Friends that you`ve lied to.
But we understand, and that? not (you) can see the end of the road,
I can see it too, for you, I`m scared, if I lose you, I`m not prepared.
This time, if you die.
I watch you, right before my eyes.
Just trust me, and listen.
You have no self control.
This will take your life.
Overdose and then indulge until you die.
Pondering, we all ask the question why.
Broken home, and then abandoned by your dad.
And we are left the only family that you`ve ever had.
Help you see it through.
Fight this me and you.
Reaching deep inside.
Problems not just you is what we find.
Our friendship makes it mine.


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