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Are the sins getting staler
Does every moment move past you
Or does it feel like forever
And shouldn`t you be laughing too?
Take a look how they found you
Take a look what they`ve done to you now
What was it they wanted
Sullen and haunted?
If only you saw it coming
How far down would you fall
If you never came up again
`Cause you`re so sick of it all
And you want to change everything
Just how deep will you go
To see through it all?
If you could consume her
Would you say you were finding your way out?
Is anything coming clearer
Smashing your mirror?
Still you can see you`re guilty
Coming closer my composure turning
inside out in her
Calling home all alone
You can call I won`t answer
Any question in my head
Remains until you feel the same
Never telling how I felt is all I ever cared about

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