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Paradise, if it ain't so
How do you know when it's right?
And when to move on
Lucky ones know how to get old
How it all goes but I can't find the gold
Someone she'd some light

Am I not seeing what
Everyone else does
Am I stuck in a rut
Hold on I need some hope
Don't I deserve some too
Like all of us do
Will I stand tall some times
I really don't know
Is there a silver lining
Or is it just the timing
Don't I deserve some too
Like all of us do

Memories aren't there some
Lingering around quietly
Still inside disguised
Heavenly, how it could be
In a heart beat just perfect
If I stole room in a soul
Do I count all the stars
That let me down before
Should I spend anymore
Building this fragile home
Love, Love, Love...

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Nadia Ali Lyrics for Silver Lining