This is a drag that it`s too late now.
And I wanted to tell you that I was wrong.
I didn`t realize I still hold on to you but I still do.
Was it that I turned everyone against you.
Was it that I didn`t defend you.
Was it that I never had your back.
Was it that I was always trying to save you and you never wanted me to.
Or was it that I loved you.
You don`t seem to see me sinking in do you.
You`re not content in your own head are you.
You just want to kick me once again don`t you.
Don`t you baby.
I did it again.
I don`t stop paying.
You don`t look so good to me my friend.
Is it because of me I really left this time.
Did you ever say goodbye.
Was it that I had a crush on your friend.
Was it that I left for another man.
Was it that I didn`t know.
That you were in over your head and I didn`t see what I had did I.
No, I didn`t and uh.

Was it that everyone would just kiss my ass.
I couldn`t see through it and you could.
And now look what`s come of us here ten years later.
I jump from one to the other, you`re still worrying your mother.
And I almost went under baby.


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