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Oh Baby talk to me
Oh Baby can`t you see
Cause I`m the shiest girl
In the whole wide world
So come on take my hand
And make me understand
I want to be with you
I wanna be so close to you
I wanna be so close to you

You say you`re shy girl, just take a look
The lessons of love and I wrote the book
The book of love is about you and me
The things we`ll do and how we`ll be
Together forever just as one
The life we live is just for fun
And what you see is what you get
And you ain`t seen a damn thing yet
So let me flow just how I like
The love you give girl feels so right
So give me a chance to take your soul
I wanna take your body
And take control
No way to move, no way to groove
Factory bustin` out with a brand new groove
So get on the dance floor and take control
Before I lose my soul

I wanna spend my night with you girl
I wanna spend my life with you girl
I wanna give my life to you girl
I wanna be so close to you girl

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