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You know I did something right.
Something that keeps me alive.
Oh you sweet little babies.
When you came you let me know.
I was finally happy.
You knew me before now didn`t you.
God you`re so lovely.
Did you come here to help me.
And I know you can`t sleep well.
Unless I`m right there next to you.
Oh you take care of mommy too.
You`re so quick to defend me aren`t you.
God you`re so lovely yes you are.
You came here to save me didn`t you.
You came here to teach me.
And I`m gonna try to teach you.
Know you`re everything to me.
Know you have to learn and try.
Please don`t fear to lose me.
You know I have those same fears too.
God you`re so lovely yeah you are.
You came here to save me didn`t you.
You came here to teach me.
Ooh and I`m gonna try to teach you.
Little man and a lady.
So handsome and pretty.
Sometimes don`t listen to your mamma no.
And don`t do as I do.

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