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OBLIVION DUST So Real But I Don T Care Lyrics
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No hands will reach me
No voice can call me
I`ve reinvented the things that I can do
I`m the unexpected part of you that
You`ll never ever come in contact with...
Come in contact with...

I sell my broken dreams to...
(All the little desperate people)
Tell me everyone knows...
(All my little fucked up secrets)
But I really don`t care now

I`m an imitation with such precision
A resurrection
I`m sculptured and I`m sold
When you realise that I`m indestructive
You`ll change direction and follow me to...

Hear my broken dream of
All the little desperate people
Tell me everyone knows
All my little fucked up secrets
And I really don`t care how
It seems as though there`s something missing
In my empty heart now

(New art)
Don`t care

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