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All that I know
I thank my God
I've got something within me

Something with me, Lord
That holdeth the reins
Something within me
That banishes pain
Something within me, Lord
That I can't explain
All I know I thank my God
I've got something within me

Me goin'tell U 'bout 'ope me no we got 'ope
'Ope chil' I've got 'ope
Boy we got 'ope singin' 'bout 'ope gotta little 'ope
Chil' Jesus gives 'ope
Jesus gives 'ope I'm tellin' Ya it's 'ope
Sing it mom
Gotta 'ave de 'eavenly 'ope brudda, 'ope all y'all we Oh
Got 'ope chil' we got 'ope, cha mon we got 'ope
Gotta 'ave 'ope chil' oh yeah
Mon we got 'ope, Eh, Eh boy ya know I got
Singin' I've got it somethin' (ya mon)

Well, now have you got something sister
Have you got that burning desire, oh yeah
Have you got something that burns you like fire
Have you got something that shows that others can admire, oh yeah
Well, now I've got hallelu' something with me

I've got something within me, oh yeah
Jesus gave me something, oh yeah
Have you got something
Somebody said it's hope
Somebody said it's peace
Somebody said joy
All I know is that nobody can take it away
Jesus gave it and it's here to stay
It's deep down

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