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I MOTHER EARTH Songburst And Delirium Lyrics
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Wide awake in the candlelight/ Stoned straight, crashing/ Ocean wave patterns and sunset/ In their prime/ Shoulder demons tell me/ How
to lie when it matters/ And you better hope/ That you see it coming

Painted grey and blurry/ I am waiting for the sock to drop/ Yes I can fake it, hide, run away/ When there`s nothing left to know...nothing

Lonely like a living room/ Hallway noises and interviews/ Squeeze the globe in between/ Your legs and hope God knows/ When to show
his face when it matters/ And you better hope/ That you`re feeling something

Pained by the worry/ I am stained by the learning/ Of what I can`t feel, see, think, undo/ I`m going to Mexico where there`s / Nothing but
the sun...nothing

The four walls entertaining/ Me are symbols of my contentment/ Of mental and legal poverty/ Nine out of ten can`t be wrong/ I have
never learned/ The secret of velocity/ As I expand I feel small/ I have nothing left/ That I can draw from/ I have nothing left...nothing

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