Sourmouth – Roll Up A Joint Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sourmouth]

Yo i dont get depressed i
Just roll up a joint, it be
Releavin stress excess shit
I dont want, and im sorry
Mom il try to keep profanity
Down, its just somethin thats
Buggen me and really needs
To come out, you see at times
I be feeling hellu guilty for
Smokin hopen one day you’ll
Be open socially jokin bout
Token, but it ain’t, its not today
Its just pot yo it just works
For me, because whenever im
Depressed i just roll up a joint
My anxiety is gone when i inhale
The smoke, those calanapin
Im on man they barely work
Have you ever been so scared
That your heart could burst
Thats why whenever i get
Nervous i just roll up a blunt
Then my nerves get serviced
Like a curtesy call, this for the
People with a purpose and
The purpose of tosh, and thats
To legalize our weed and give
Us cannibus cards

[Verse 2: Sourmouth]

Whenever i have sex i usually
Roll up a blunt, it makes it that
Much better every time that i
Cum, it makes it that much
Better and more pleasure for
All, a joint before and after
And in-between if you want
And if she don’t wanna fuck
Il still roll up a blunt, because
I dont give a fuck marijuana’s
Enough, itle always be their
It will always hit the spot
Taken away the most incredible
Of sexual thoughts, always will
I remember the first time i smoked
Pot, with my buddy named
Ryan and next door neighbor
Named scott, popped the top
Off a coke bottle and they
Called it a bong, flicked the bic
And then got higher then an
Astronaut, so as i shift gears
Blasted blowin blunt after
Blunt, intirior of my lungs
Deteriorates but so what, im
On one homie so i dont give
A fuck my brains in chronic
Pain they should prescribe me
The stuff

[Verse 3: Sourmouth]

When will the liberals give in
Its 2008, in the present day
Are own president did hellu
Cocaine, and that is hardcore
Man shit dipped chemically
Causing clinical depression
You question ask web MD
But now that we got obama
All the drama should stop
Theres still a problem
Overseas whether you like it
Or not, bush never gave a fuck
Infact he probably help plot
With the 9/11 terrorist with
Osama and all, a revolutionary
Era’s here and finally fair
Maken skinheads hellu scared
Wanten to grow out their hair
Its the change we needed and
Man im glad that we care
America’s here, are heads are
Finally clear, so let us roll up
A blunt in celebration of peace
No taxation disables easy disease
Enables people with disease to
Get their helthcare for free
We are finally united its about
Time for us b


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