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UNKNOWN Sourwood Mountain Lyrics
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Chickens a-crowin` on Sourwood Mountain,
Hey, ho, diddle-um day.
So many pretty girls I can`t count `em,
Hey ho, diddle-um day.

My true love`s a blue-eyed daisy,
She won`t come and I`m too lazy.

Big dog bark and little one bite you,
Big girl court and little one spite you.

My true love`s a blue-eyed daisy,
If I don`t get her, I`ll go crazy.

My true love lives at the head of the holler,
She won`t come and I won`t foller.

My true love lives over the river,
A few more jumps and I`ll be with her.

Ducks in the pond, geese in the ocean,
Devil`s in the women if they take a notion.

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