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DELLS Stay In My Corner Lyrics
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if you stay-ay-ay darling (stay in my corner)
you make me so proud, stay darling
please stay in my corner
to the world i`d cry my love
how i love you
honey i love you, i really love you
please, please, please stay darling
and i will never never let you down
just say you`ll stay
stay in my corner
cause i`ll need you always around
to tell me you love me
honey love me, so darling stay

there`ll be times when i may fail
i`ll need your love to comfort me
but if these may prevail
but just a kiss from you
will make things sweet
mmm stay, ohhhhh stay
one more time baby
but just a kiss from you
will make things sweet
honey i love you, i love you
i love you


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