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Timmy wanted a name, tryin to gain fame like a skeezer

Robbed the spot and stole ice from the freezer

He`s a fool, cause he went in without a mask on

Now he`s on the run so he dipped to Nebraska

Hasn`t crossed his mind, his girl named Olivia

She`ll talk the fall for the jump from Bolivia

Asides that, he fat, livin on his own-ah

Diminshed the friendship style, now a loner

Relaxed while his family is gagged and tied up in New York

Askin them, to confess his whereabout

No one fesses up so the Columbian scores a blister

Shovin up a broomstick to his sister

[Chorus *whispered*]

Believe it or not.. (3X)

Believe it or not, believe it or not..


Everyone screams like hell souls are damned

Mommy gives up cries like bleacher`s bed fans

The experience was `aww shit` like movie flicks

But the men inside they treat, the women like tricks

One beats his meat, the other Columbian he pounds mommy down

the longer Timmy stays out of town

You get tortured, all of your babies and on no slackin for

the nigga disses so he insists return

He knows little of the pain that the family endure

Still he deal his disease for sure

He had a cure far worse like candy kids steal from a store

Livin off his heist like a crack whore

[Chorus] - 2X


Check it out

Enough of the games one said, butt open high

Started with ma, gave her a Columbian necktie

Doin the daughter far worse, I tell

Pullin her skin back slow, peels off her toenails

Raw skin exposed plus Gus that wasn`t all

They drenched her feet, with a whole lot of alcohol

The babies were baked, like cakes in the oven

No remorse was governed, in their hearts was stone cold nothin

He lacked love for his fam, obvious ain`t it

He traded blood for money, just readin

picked up a local newspaper and paid it; family slain - drug related

He stood stiffer than a patient bein sedated

Face still blew upon on it like wind

Instead of you they took it out, on your last line of kin

And now a sour taste devour your breath, what`s left

is a thief that had his family tortured to death

[Chorus] - 2X

story.. it`s a story..

story.. it`s a story..

story.. yo!it`s a story

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