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EMINEM Stupid Rap Lyrics
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yo look this is my aint shit
I don`t believing in rain shit
but I got my rips cuz this is my first hit
I sore and score the top tens
my multi platinum cd`s don`t even speaking some spanish
I got my range to be having a change young old to be cold
eating in my lunch time im so big to be grow
im holding my dick sorrry girls I can not him to show
you have one life do not miss to change to blow
my little friends are playing in the snow i just don`t do in it
fuck man im so cold shit man im so mad cuz I hate school
I just wan`t it never so bad im tired and sick
I wanna lying in my bed but I come late I hate this grade
fired from ooohhh shit why I am so affraid why I just don`t doing it
I have to straight to be a slave bitch hold my case
here is your money and now go away i don`t wanna fuck
maybe im stuck my crap shit out I don`t feeling no rush
ooke here bitch here is my shot and now you dong it
and come back the next week and you swallow it up(come on)

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