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LIL KIM Suck My Dick Lyrics
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Puff Daddy-
Ladies and gentleman
(Come on throw your hands in the air like this one time)
One-two, this thing on right here
(We ain`t gonna stop)
Can y`all hear me out there?
(And we want every one in this motherfucker to get out their seat)
Ladies and gentleman without further adieu
(It`s our time)
I`d like to introduce to you, my bitch

Lil` Kim-
Fuck that, bitches don`t deserve to rap
I`m back, and I`m about to murder cats
Trying to take my crown, I ain`t letting that go down
I cop the four pound and go the whole twelve rounds, yeah
You broke hoes need to throw in the towel
Life`s a wheel of fortune and y`all can`t buy a vowel
Who me? That`s none of your concern
Like ashes in the urn, more money to burn
Damn my ass is firm, stay away from germs
Pussy flawless, get wetted in worms
If you only knew like Aaliyah
How your man be hawking me and stalking me
When he fucking you he see me
Every crack valve or record he sell I get a piecey
Easy, believe me, my words is credible
Ask Nat Cole huh, I`m unforgettable
Don`t let the QB get a hold of your guy
Sex him well, get him high, he might fuck around and die

(Chorus) x2
Lil` Kim-
I guess you know by now who`s number one
Brooklyn, Brooklyn that`s where I`m from
(Number one)
So if you got beef better think again
(Number one)
Cause you can`t win
(You can`t win)

Your so called vendetta was light like birds` feathers
Even with an umbrella, you can`t stop my hurricane
I moved on to bigger and better things
Y`all still making minimum wage
First on stage, like the ever I graze
Leave you amazed
And keep the fifth by the rib cage-a

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