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Take me away from this city,
And leave me to where I can be on my own.
I wanted to see you and now that I have
I just wanna be left alone.
I`ll always remember your kind words,
And I`ll still remember your name,
But I`ve seen you changing and turning,
And I know that things just won`t be the same.

I remember that summer in Dublin,
And the Liffey as it stank like hell,
And young people walking down Grafton Street,
Everyone looking so well.
I was singing a song I heard somewhere,
Called `Rock`n`Roll Never Forget`,
When my humming was smothered by the 46A,
And the scream of a low flying jet.
So, I jumped on a bus to Dun Laoghaire,
Stopping off to pick up my guitar,
When a drunk on a bus told me how to get rich,
I was glad we weren`t going too far.


So, I`m leaving on Wednesday morning,
Trying to find a place where I can hear,
The wind and the birds and the sea and rocks,
And where open roads are always out there.
And if sometimes I tire of the quiet,
And I wanna get back up that hill,
I just get on the road and I stick out my thumb,
???Cause I know for sure you`ll be there still.

[As above]

I remember that summer in Dublin.

I can`t stop see that sunshine in Dublin.

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