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This is for you, you, my number one
This is for you, you, my number one
This is for you, you, my number one

Spotlights, big stage
Fifty thousand fans screamin' in a rage
Bodyguards and limousines
This is the way I see you in my dreams
Paparazzi flash, hundred pictures all of you
Hangin' on my bedroom wall
I'm a kid again, I feel like thirteen
But I knew since we fell in love
Girl I'd be

I'll be your groupie baby
'Cause you are my superstar
I'm your number one fan, give me your autograph
Sign it right here on my heart
Girl I'll be your groupie baby
'Cause you are my superstar
And as your number one fan
I'll do all that I can
To show you how super you are

Front row, there I am
Jumpin' and hollerin' waving both hands
Would you notice me, it'll be
Drove twelve hours girl just to see
Your pretty face one more time
Bought my ticket I was first in line
This is a metaphor to show how I adore
(I adore you)
Baby I do


Now you know how I feel
You're truly special
Your love is legendary to me
Without you my life stands still
I'll never leave your world
Treat you like a diva girl
Girl you're one of a kind
'Cause they don't make 'em like you anymore
So you'll be your fans life
I dedicate this to my superstar for all time


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