Take Good Care Of My Heart lyrics

WHITNEY HOUSTON Take Good Care Of My Heart Lyrics
Time can pass so slowly
When you feel so all alone
Love can strikeour h like lightning
When you find yeart a home
I`ve seen it in the movies
Read about it in a book
I never thought I`d feel it
But your touch was all it took

Take good care of my heart
Take good care of my heart
Baby you`re the first to take it
You`re the only one who can break it
I love you more than I should
But it keeps me feeling so good
I`ve waited for your love forever
You`re the one to take good care of my heart

Come and make your magic
Till you have me hypnotized
If we get any closer
I`ll be drowning in your eyes
You`re the one I needed most
When my love was on that line
Oh I`m so glad you gave me yours
When I gave you mine

Repeat Chorus

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Album: Whitney Houston: 25th Anniversary Edition