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Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
(Girl I Want You)
Here We Are All Alone In This Room(Oohh)
And Girl I Know Were
To Start And What We Gone Do
I'll Take My Time We'll Be All Night Girl
So Get Ready Babe I Got Plans For Me And Youu
( Ooo Wooo Ooohh)
It Ain't My First Time But Baby Girl We
Can Pretend (Hay)
We'll Bump And Grind Girl Tonight Will Never End
Let Me Take You Down
I Really Wanna Take You Down And Show U What
I'm About Cos When I Take You Down
Your Body Body Oohhh
Your Body Body Up And Down
So Don't Stop Girl Get It
Which Way You Wid It
Can't Wait No Moreee
Take You Down
I Really Wanna Take You Down
Take You Down Yeahhh !
(Yeahhh Yeaaahh Yeaaahhh)
Preety Girl Lets Take It Off
In This Room
No Time To Waste
Girl You No What We Came To Do
We got all night to try to get it right girl(i hope you ready, hope you ready, hope you ready

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CHRIS BROWN Lyrics for Take U Down