Tamia – Sandwich And A Soda Lyrics

Spend the night here
That’s what I’m talking about boy1
I’m just saying
And I ain’t playing
It ain’t like that with me when we be layin’2
Let me love you
You’re looking tired of these basic lovers3
When I know the subtle
You got the highest You don’t got to settle4

See I’m the type of the girl
To kill to love you down5
Like you can be the king
And I’ll bring you the crown6
Like shimmy shimmy [?]
Shimmy shimmy flower
Me and you on the ground
Baby now7

If you wanna ride these curves8
Hop on this Chevy nova9
And if you gonna drive with nerve
Baby I’m gon’ be your chauffeur10
See I can make you feel good11 love
And when it’s all over
I’mma fluff your pillow baby
Bring you a sandwich and a soda12


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