Taylor Swift – Cross My Heart Lyrics

I’ve been counting days and
I’ve been being patient
About a little thing called love
Crossing all my fingers
Letting my heart linger
Trying to get some help from up above

I don’t want to jinx my luck
I’ve left it all behind me
And I’ve been hoping every day
That someday you will find me

So I cross my heart and hope for you
Knock on wood and rope the moon
I’ll pray for you and me and hope I’m right
And I wait around that old wishing well
You never know if time will tell
I cross my heart and hope for you tonight

Dreaming of you baby
I’ve been thinking maybe
There is something I can do
‘Cause I’ve been on the verge of
Running around in circles
Baby all I want is you



Do you believe in miracles
Please tell me if you’ve seen one
I’d like to know just where to go
Because I think I need one

[Chorus x2]


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