Taylor Swift – Gracie Lyrics

My name’s Gracie
I’ll be five in May
Kind of scared cause
I’ve never been on a plane
My mama says that it’ll be alright
Cause I’m going to see my daddy tonight
And she says that

There’s a whole a lot of good people in heaven
And I don’t wanna get there too soon
And I know there’s a God because I met him
And I see it when I’m looking at you
There ain’t no accidents in what we do

My name’s Heather
Guess we’re on the same flight
Don’t mind Gracie
She could talk to you all night
She’s finally well enough to travel
Doctor says she’s in the clear
She’s been in and out of hospital
Since the beginning of the year


James T. Johnson
That’s her daddy’s name
He’s been overseas
It’ll be a year today
He never talked about being scared over the phone
He just said me and Gracie will come and take him on


And the people that we meet
As we go through the rain
There are no accidents in what we do


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